One of the ministries we partner with in Crawley is called The Lighthouse Project. One of our leaders is even on their board of trustees. Check out their website for videos and activities!

Check out Virtual Sunday School on YouTube:

How about introducing your kids to other epic Christian narratives?

Beyond the obvious Patricia St. John, JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis, we wanted to list a couple of other children’s Christian book series Elim Church Bewbush kids have enjoyed recently:

Andrew Peterson’s Wingfeather series:
The Wingfeather Series

John Houghton’s Oswain Tales:

Hagbane’s Doom (£1.19 each for the ebook)

Finally it is always worth mentioning Sally LLoyd-Jones “The Jesus Storybook”. INfluenced by none other than Timothy Keller himself:

The Jesus Storybook Bible