One of the ministries we partner with in Crawley is called The Lighthouse Project. It help introduce children across the town to Jesus. They have produced a lot of material that can be used at home.



Perhaps also check out Virtual Sunday School on YouTube:

How about introducing your kids to other epic Christian narratives?

Beyond the obvious Patricia St. John, JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis, we wanted to list a couple of other children’s Christian book series Elim Church Bewbush kids have enjoyed recently:

Andrew Peterson’s Wingfeather series:
The Wingfeather Series

John Houghton’s Oswain Tales:

Hagbane’s Doom (£1.19 each for the ebook)

Finally it is always worth mentioning Sally LLoyd-Jones “The Jesus Storybook”. INfluenced by none other than Timothy Keller himself:

The Jesus Storybook Bible